Thursday, June 25, 2009

Happy Week Old

She is a week old today. Time is flying by. She is a good little baby. She sleeps all the time. But she does have her good crying session at least once per day. Hopefully, she will be gaining weight so she will be more active when people come over.

She has had many visitors over the last few days. Her uncle charlie, auntie kaysie, Grandpa Bob and Janie. It was really cute with Charles, she slept the entire time. I felt bad but she is super cute when she sleeps. Auntie Kaysie helped us get some stuff done by giving her bottle to her. We were finally able to hang up some pictures. Grandpa Bob and Janie couldn't let her go. That was really cute as well. They were totally in love with her. Who's to blame them. Plus they are the only family that lives far away from her well at least in Illinois.

But anyway, I am done with my activity that is keeping me up right now. So I am going to bed and hopefully will be getting a better night of sleep. I leave you with more dy.

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