Friday, August 7, 2009

Mega Poop

Nick so far got all the gross Dylanness over the course of the last 7 weeks. I got the super poop that leak out of her diaper. It was fabulous. She planned it right after her feeding to poop all over her BF pillow, my PJ's, the couch and all over her diaper. But the upside of it was that Nick was home so he got to clean her up while I cleaned up everything else.

She grunts when she is waking up in the morning. She will make the grunting noise then we will look at her to see if she is awake, no asleep. Then she will make some more noise then asleep. Then she will get super mad that we did not believe that she was waking up and scream her head off. She is not one of those babies that wake up happy and pleasant all the time.

The scale at Cradle Talk claims that she is 9 lbs 12 ozs. But that is with a clean/dirty diaper and clothes on. So not exact but close. We will see in a few more weeks how much she really does weight and her other 2 months goals. I can't wait.

7 weeks. I can't believe that I have a 7 week old. Weird, Surreal. Would it be something I get use to or will it always be one of those WHOA moments in life. But I am pretty sure I will always have that moment like I have a so-so age daughter. I wonder if my parents still have those moments.

I love it when I am switching her from side to side and I am burping her. She has that wide open face that is just super cute. I love her wide eye looks. I love that little one. Life is peaceful now.

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