Monday, August 17, 2009

YAY 8 hours

We got another 8 hour night. It was nice. She was grunting at 3:30 so I got up to check on her but she was asleep. She wiggled out of her swaddle blanket and had one arm hanging out. She did wake up to the terrible storm.

We saw her buddies last week. Teagan and Riley. T is Elizabeth's kid and R is Mary's kid. We had some much fun together and Zach and Gabby were attached to me like always. We need to do that again and again. Teagan is in the Purple and Riley in the middle. Their birthday's are easy to remember. Teagan is May 1 and Riley is May 19. About 6 weeks and 1 month older then Dylan.

Someone is waking up now.

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