Saturday, August 1, 2009

Slacker Mommy

As you can see, I have a hard time lately updating this blog right now. Once she starts sleeping through the night/going to bed early, I will hopefully get better.

Monday, we went to Chicago. We took the train. She did great. She slept most of the way there then I smell some stinky diapers but realize it was not her. I got her out anyway and fed her. I carried her in the ErgoBaby Carrier. It was a great idea but I got too hot after a while plus she got heavy by the end of the day. We had lunch with daddy. Then we start my friend Carrie at RVA. She loved Dylan. Dylan was wrapped up so I did not want to get her down. But now that Carrie and Jeff have a place, we will come back and visit more often. Then we went to My Corner Playroom and saw Miss Lisa. Lisa fell in love with her as well. She was just so happy to hold a little one again. So we are going to see her again soon hopefully. Then I ran some quick errands on Armtiage. Then we met up with Daddy again so he can see us go home. Then Monday night, she threw up again. That is the second monday night in a row that she threw up almost her entire meal.

Tuesday, we chilled at home for the most part. We were pretty tired from Monday. Wednesday, our cable and Internet got installed so Daddy spent the day home with us. We went to Cradle Talk. The topic was emotional changes in Mom. We got to vent about our husband who were clueless about being a dad and talked about going back to work. I told the group that they were all very lucky to have a job and they did not get laid off.

Thursday, our playgroup met up at the Morton Arboretum. I got there a little early because I was out and about to begin with. But luck, we ran into Dylan's future bff's, Teagan and Riley. Mary and Elizabeth were down in my neck of the woods so we all got to see the babies and i got to see Gabbster and Zachers. They have gotten so big. They love me so much. It is super cute. So we are going to make plans to see each other in about a week or so. I can't wait. After we said our good byes, we walked around the pond area for a while. Missy got a little hungry so I had to pull off to feed her real quick.

Friday, Mommy and Daddy got to go on a date. So Grandma LeeLee got to watch her. She loved it of course. But earlier that day, she was super fussy or sleeping or eating. It was a weird day. Today, we chilled out for most of the day. Went to Whole Foods then took a nap. Grandma LeeLee and Great Aunt Di came by a little while ago. Aunt Di loved her so much. Who doesn't love this baby?

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