Sunday, July 26, 2009

Plugged Duct

After tuesday, we lay low all day Tuesday. Wednesday, we hung out at Cradle Talk. Cradle talk is Edwards sponsor support group for moms. It did not matter if you deliver at Edwards or not. We have some women from all different parts of the area. We talked about Sleep Issues. It really was not all that helpful as I thought it was going to be. I wish she did not just fuel the conversation but guided it. I weighed the little one. She is (as of Wednesday) 8lbs 7oz. Give or Take a few ounces because the scale is not as exact as the Peds office. We went to lunch with the girls. Go Roma!!!

Also, we hung out with Jess and Tyler. Dylan officially met her first little person. Tyler was calling her Bylan and trying so hard to pick her up and play with her. He loves babies so much. It was really cute. I hope his mommy will be able to have a baby soon. He is at that stage that he will just eat it up. He would be a great little helper. He was so big compare to her as well.

Thursday, I woke up to discover that miss dylan had a plugged tear duct. It was yellow/green. Her eye was glue shut. It was not a good day. It keep coming out all gross and yucky. I called the Peds and they agree that it was a plugged ducted. I was told that I could either come in on Friday or wait 24 hours to see it the green will clear up. Thankfully it did but her eye is not tearing. We did go out to playgroup. It was fun. It is really nice to hang out with all the different moms while we are all dealing with the same or similar issues. Dylan is not the youngest anymore. :(

On Friday, we went up to Deer Park to go shopping for mommy. She needed more nursing bras and pants. Deer Park shopping center is nice but not worth the trip up there. Yesterday, Mommy and Daddy got new phones and cable. Dylan and I hung out at home all night while Daddy and Uncle Charlie went to a concert.

Today, we had bunch with Grandma Lee. Now we are waiting for Rob and Aaron to go over to my parents to see Charlie buddy. Dylan is very popular today.

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