Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Oh Daddy

Today was going to be Dylan's first trip to Chicago but last night at 7ish, she threw up all over her daddy. The only other time she threw up, it was when her dad was holding her. He must bring it out in her. I am talking about a full on flying threw the air vomit. Once we cleaned up the first round, she graces up with a second round. I think she eats to much and it comes back out. She is a splitter as well. Most of the time when she eats, she will split up. The joys of a newborn. So we are home right now and she has been super fussy and refusing to sleep. Right now, she is on my legs sleeping but it is 1:26 right now. She is over tired. She had her little cat naps today as well. I love when she is done feeding and falls off my breast to sleeping. she curls up on me. It is super cute. We will be lying low today.

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