Monday, July 20, 2009

The world according to Dylan

Sorry about the lack of posting, time got away from us. Since last post, we have had a very busy week. Last Wednesday, she saw another set of Great Grandparents in fact her only set and we had a great time. Her Grandpa and Janie were there as well. She was passed among the grandparents many time and got stolen from her great grandma by her grandfather. You cannot deny that he does not love her. He adores her but who can blame him. Since she slept all night with them, she was up all night with me. It was such a joy.

We went to cradle talk that morning as well. We learned about Tummy Time which is just time on the stomach. Since babies have been on their backs since 1994, parents have to make sure they spend time on their stomaches to learn how to raise their heads. It is best to do the tummy time when she is in a good mood. Or not sleeping.

Thursday, we miss hanging out with Jess but we are making plans for this week (Now for Wednesday Afternoon). I went to the dr to find out that my wrist had been sprain many times over and over so that is why when I am free handing her to feed, it hurts like a mother. i have to rub some bengay and wear a brace on it. Thursday night, we got a better night of sleep. I got her to go down between 1:30 to 5ish. It was nice.

Friday was my mom's birthday. So we spent the morning with her and went up to the mall and brought her some lunch. It was nice to spent some time with my mommy. We went to dinner with her later that night with the rest of the family excluding Danny due to being at work.

Saturday we got our chair that we got an awesome deal with. Sunday night we went for a spin in it. But anyway, grandpa bob came to help us get the chair but someone was busy eating so he did not get to see her. Next time. We saw Harry Potter at the Drive-In. It is the best option for a baby. She cry right before the movie started so we changed her diaper and fed her. She slept though the entire movie. But she was up all night later. Thank god it was the weekend and daddy could deal with trying to get her to sleep.

Sunday, we went for breakfast. We walked downtown Geneva. It was super quiet. Spooky. Also, we went grocery shopping before 10am. it was super weird to be out that early but we used the stroller. Then we saw the last great grandparent that she is going to see on purpose. Nick's grandpa. He loved her. But who does not love her. She saw her great aunt and uncle and cousin. She slept the entire time again. We went to dinner with Grandma Lee. Stir-Crazy is good and we haven't had it in forever. Last night was a good sleeping night as well. She slept from 1ish to 5.

Today, I went to the Dr again to get my 6 week clearance. I can go to yoga again and swim and do all the fun stuff that I missed when I was pregnant. We have a big week ahead of us. Tomorrow is going to be a Chicago day. Wednesday is Cradle talk which is about sleep. Thursday is playgroup and Friday is free. Sometime we will be seeing Jess finally. Hopefully, we will be having a good sleep week.

I forgot last sunday was her first tub bath. That was fun. she really loved being in the water. She hated getting out but loved being in the tub.

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