Monday, October 26, 2009

Trial Run Part Two

After many discussions with hubs, cloth diaper store owners and reading blogs, we decided to use our bumgenius diapers again. We are going to not use the prefold option because it just was not working with Dylan. Too bulky. I strip the bumgenius earlier today with just a drop of Dawn. Now they are drying so the next day that I am off we will use them with g diapers to intermix the two.

I got some gro baby diapers today as well. I am going to try these out and see how she reacts to them. Regardless we do need more diapers g or gro or bumgenius because I do not want to over use the diapers. If we have a 2nd child then I would want that child to use the diapers as well.

She is so lovable right now. She looks up at us with great big smiles. So innocent. Days off go by way to fast.

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