Friday, October 23, 2009


I forget about these things and go all MIA. So in the time between the last update and today, Dylan has turn 4 months old already. She is getting so big so fast. I can't believe the time is really flying by right now. We had another baby party for Halloween to get some of the use out of the costume. Look for pictures at facebook. flickr will be update as soon as I put the photos into the folder. It was super fun. we got to see some babies we haven't seen since school went back into session. Eve and Ella super cute 6 month old twins. Dylan looked super cute in her costume.

She had her four month appointment on wednesday. She is not handing it well. She got a little bruise on her leg. So she been on Tylenol for it. Poor baby. But she is sleeping better in terms of napping which she is lacking these days. I just checked on her and she flip to the other side of the crib. Wild woman. But she is 12.11 lbs @ 25%, Head: 16 @ 50% and height 24in @ 50%. Growing right along. I love that she is a peanut. She has to go to Peds Physical Therapy for the torticollis. For the most part it is not as back as it was but it is not great either and I figure she can get some help with tummy time as well.

Also I signed her up for swim class in two weeks. This will be fun. I can't wait. It is at boilingbrook park district. From 3 months and up, so chances are she will be one of the youngest. Also some of her friends are going to be in that class as well. it will be super cute and fun. well, I must go, princess is calling and I have to work in an hour.

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