Thursday, October 8, 2009

Potter Arry Potter

We have began the journey of reading Harry Potter books. We only got 6 pages into it but it will be a slow and steady read. Hopefully, we will finish it by her first birthday then begin again in a few years. Just read it over and over again. Gotta love the Potter.

We ended our breastfeeding relationship yesterday. My plan was to pump at work but that failed tragically. Then the plan was to BF on my days off and formula on working days. Well that ended yesterday after a screaming bloody murder around 4pm. She just screamed and yelled. I try to put down for a nap but that lasted 30 mins. Then I got the bottle ready for her and gave it to her around 5ish. She was so happy after that. Well it was a nice run. She BF for 2 months solid then half and half for a month and half to now straight formula from now on. BUT the good news to this story is that she will still get BF in the morning once to two times. It all depends when she gets up and when I have to go to work.

I got mad and upset about this entire thing and if we have a 2nd child from us, then I will do things a little bit more differently but then again I just might not have the time to do things differently. who knows.

We are hosting the next baby party. It is Halloween theme on Dylan's 4 month birthday. It will be super fun if I can get enough people to come. Pictures of babies in Halloween costumes will be awesome.

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