Thursday, December 17, 2009

6 month visit

HA, I am going to post her 6 month stats here fist instead of my facebook status. So, She got some shots today. She took it really well. She cried but like a champ fell asleep in the car. She really has not been super fussy today because of it. We DID NOT get a flu shot or the H1N1 for her. She should get sick. Besides we do not get it and we really don't get the flu. Her stats are, 15.9 lbs (40%) in weight (with a wet g diaper, so I would take off a few ounces to maybe 15.5), 26" (60%) in height and 16 1/2" (30%) in head circumference. All in All, average peanut but smaller then most. That made me happy. Also, super careful about washing your hands right now due to the Rotavirus.

We are going full speed ahead on solids starting tomorrow with the oatmeal then moving to veggies starting Monday with grandma. Also, her baby eczema got way worse lately, most likely due to chlorine from the pool plus the cold weather) so she is on a hydrocortisone cream right now. Poor baby. Big time mommy mistake was that swim class. Between her terrible diaper rash and the skin crazyness, my poor baby has been though the ringer this past few weeks. We are def not doing swim class again next session, we will do something else but too bad I really don't have the money for it. Even if I did, we need to pay bills first.

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