Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Playdates in Chicago

We went to Chicago yesterday to play with Riley and Teagan. They are getting so big. Riley is such a little girl and Teagan is going to be such a tomboy. It was so much fun. The kiddos are getting big as well. Gabby is going to be 4 like in two weeks and Zach is so much fun. Their conversations are just priceless and they are so smart. Like Gabby knocked into Zach and Elizabeth told Gabby to say she was sorry but then Zach was like waving his hand saying "it's okay, it's okay Elizabeth." They were so cute. The babies are much fun when you place them all together. It's funny, they are all doing something that one of them are not. Like Riley and Teagan are awesome at Tummy Time while Dylan is okay about it. But Dylan is sitting a lot better then the two of them. None of them are crawling yet. It nice to see where other babies are in terms of Dylan but nothing to stress about.

Teagan is Stripes, Riley in Pink and of course Dylan is on the end.

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