Saturday, December 26, 2009

After Christmas Post

Well, Merry Christmas to all I did not see yesterday or Thursday. I am a little behind posting about Christmas. Dylan's first Christmas was very cute. She loved it. We started the day on Thursday with trying to go see Santa but that failed. We went to my parent's house to play for a while. Someone was in a semi crappy mood due to teething. We had fun watching movies and chilling. Then everyone came over so we got dinner on it's way then presents. Dylan made out with a ton. She kept waving her arms up in the air. We let her ripped some of the paper off. Shortly after the presents, we left for our place because Grandpa Bob and Uncky Davy was coming over. We order off the Whole Foods Holiday menu which was great by the way. Again, Dylan made out with tons of loot.

Christmas Day, we went to Grandma Lee Lee for presents and family get together. Dylan made out like she never gotten presents before. It was oh so cute. But again, she was tired and cranky from her little teeths but no sign yet that they are here. I want them to come.

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