Thursday, December 31, 2009

O' 2009

Where did the time go? In the beginning you were just a little peanut in my belly waiting to make an appearance on the world. You started to move to the likes of Ani D and Foo then you moved for your dad. You quickly warmed up to other people as well as the months dragged on and on forever. You lived in Chicago for about 6 months then quickly moved to the burbs because mommy did not have a job to help pay for all your things. You had two lovely baby showers hosted by your grandparents.

You came in to the world on a Thursday with pain medication (Boo). Your bum did not like cloth diapers at first but you warmed up to it later on. You love your g diapers and grow diapers. Breastfeeding was a great challenge then Mommy got a job and you lost that wonderfulness. You still hate being on your tummy so rolling is not the first thing you think of while being on your tummy. You just need to warm up to it that's all. You love being carried and worn. It is a beautiful thing to see your daddy carrying you around the house and out & about.

You are by far the best thing about this year. I hope that you will want to roll, eat more fun foods and grow into this amazing human being that we have the honor of raising you. I love you little Miss Dylan.

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