Monday, February 8, 2010

Dylan's First Tooth

This post was going to be all about the mommy & baby yoga class that I was going to go to today in the city but I got called away to babysit Liam. So this new post was going to be all about the adventures of Liam and Dylan today but I discover something really cool.

Dylan got her first tooth. I discovered it while feeding her a HUGE meal. She had 2 oz of pears, 4 oz of plain/pear yogurt, one puff and 4 oz bottle. She was one hungry little girl. She had a half of a puff in her mouth when I discover the little sharp pointy thing in her mouth. She did not want me to touch her mouth. She was abnormally fussy today with no nap taking early this morning. Then car nap taking on our way to Shannon's. She did not want me to hold Liam and herself at the same time. She fell asleep while in the car seat on the way home. So I really don't know when the first tooth happen today but IT HAPPEN!!! I have been loading her up with a homeopathic teething stuff for the last few hours of the day until she fell asleep. She went to bed at 6pm as well. Hopefully, she will get a great night of sleep. Cross your fingers.

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