Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy 8 Months!!


You are 8 months old today. How did the time fly by so quickly? You went from this tiny little human being who loved to be held and nurse to this moving and grooving infant.

You amazes me everyday by the things that you do. Like right now, you got your 2nd tooth on Tuesday and you spent about 45 minutes on your tummy with NO COMPLAINTS. In fact, you rolled from your back on to your tummy. Actually, you have been rolling from your back to your tummy all day long. We put you on your back for bed tonight and rolled onto your tummy right away then on to your back again then when I went to check on you because you were screaming your head off, you were on your tummy again. You are a mover and shaker. I can't wait to see you move on in this wonderful journey called life. Maybe, mommy and daddy will be kind enough to give you a sibling but for right now, no thank you.

Pretty soon, you are going to leave this nest and you will be on amazing human being. But good thing that is not for a while or hopefully, a long while. Sorry, I just watched the Gilmore Girls Series finale. I love you with all my heart, baby girl. Hopefully, next month will come with new surprises and adventures. Here is to another great month.

I love you.

Mommy & (sometimes Daddy)

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