Friday, February 19, 2010

Infamous Second Child Debate

After hearing many people talking about this very subject, Nick and I decided to have a very serious conversation about it tonight. Our talk more was will we or won't we have a second child and if we do then when? We have some serious points about NOT having a second child like we can travel more, go to graduate school/figure out what I want to do for a career, we won't have the add expense of more children, we will not be force to get a house/feel pressure to get one.

We have our serious points about having a second child, like Dylan will have SOMEONE closer to her age rather then being the oldest of very, very young cousins, we can use our baby gear again (cloth diapers, slings, clothes...), we can re-do the whole birthing/pregnancy experience again and we can prevent Dylan from having that only child syndrome.

Basically, we came up with good points to argue both sides of this debate. So, then begins the question of when... We are moving a year from now. We both can't stand living in IL anymore. We are done. With that being said, there is the question if we do have second child, when should we do this. There is the whole spacing issue like do we want to have them on top of each other or do we want some distance like Dylan is potty trained that way we are not dealing with a newborn and diapered toddler. So, do we get pregnant now and deal with a possible newborn/3 month old while we move or do we get pregnant sometime before we move so I am moving pregnant. We all know how well that worked out last time. Or do we get pregnant right away after we move.

So lots on our mind...generally, if it feels right to add to our family, then we just might add to our family and if it doesn't then our family will be complete as is. No Pressure. We will do right by Dylan and always put her needs before ours and if we feel that her needs have been met by our ways of income/lifestyle then we will cross that bridge when we get to it.

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