Thursday, March 4, 2010

Poor Peanut Day

Peanut had a cold. She was quite happy about it. She was sad and sleepy at time but for the most part she was her smily happy little self. I took her to the store to get some peanut stuff and she was smiling and laughing at the store employees. We saw her grandma LeeLee and she was happy over there as well. She took 3 naps today to make up for sleeping in our bed last night and waking up super early. Other then a runny nose, a cough here or there (which we got a humidifier today) and some sneezing (sun related or cold related), she was her happy normal self.

I guess that would be an ode to us for having such a happy little child.

Also, I gave here some really small pieces of avocado today and she gagged on them and threw them up. Yep, my daughter is not ready for finger food yet or hates avocado at this time in her life.

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