Sunday, June 28, 2009

All Quiet on the Western Front...

We have had our first weekend with little Dy. It has been super quiet. Miss Dylan has officially been to the farmer's market and the outlet mall. Yesterday, we went to the farmer's market. I put her in the sling and had an umbrella over her to protect her from the sun. One woman commented on how it was a good idea. Of course, she was fawned over and over. One guy asked if she was a girl. Other's asked how old she was? But all in all, it was a good trip. i can't wait until there is more produce in season.

Today, we went to the outlet mall. We got there before it got super busy. We used the stroller this time. It was far too windy for us to use the sling. If we had the moby wrap then it would be a different story. It was difficult to be moving through the crowds of people with a stroller. I think next time, we will just wrap her up and make sure if whomever is going to be trying on clothes does not have her. But I need to get some shorts due to not being able to fit into any of mine. I got 2 pairs for now. We will see if and when I get to a different size.

Also, nobody had called us all weekend asking if they could see her. We only just got a phone call from Grandma Lee just 5 minutes ago. We thought for sure that someone would be calling to see if they could come over. Who knows that might change this week since Nick is going back to work tomorrow. Scary, I am going to have her all by myself. (run and hides under the bed)

On Friday was the photo shoot like I said before, but as I was writing the check, I realize we had been married for 9 months and had an 8 day old. Time flies by sometimes. We have mastered going out with her. It is great. We go right after feeding her and pumping then we have an 1 1/2 window. Also we know what we are getting and where to go to get it.

Dinner is almost ready soon. Tomorrow, we will be going to the grocery store for the first time.


  1. I wonder if other people also thought you would be inundated with visitors and therefore didn't call or come over. Which farmer's market did you go to? and was it crowded? Wheaton's is crazy busy with no room to walk. Can't wait to see the little apple dumpling this week :)
    grandma lee

  2. We went to the Naperville one. Farmer's Markets are always crowded, it is part of the experience.