Friday, January 29, 2010

Baby Food Again

Since, I have been making Dylan's baby food, I have realize that she really wants to eat what we are eating. But I am so not ready for that. I really don't want her eating the same stuff that we are eating, that means she is getting way to old and I want my tiny little baby back. But I have a sense that she is getting bored with what we are giving her. I have made since the last post, apples, acorn squash and you know the usual.

I have also picked up some other types of baby food. Happy Baby and Tasty Baby from the bigger super Targets. They have a nice mixture of food like Happy Baby has one that is organic pears, organic spinach, organic mango and the other one that is organic spinach, organic green beans, organic peas, organic brown rice. She really like the spinach, mango and pears. The other one is alright, nothing to write home about. But do you notice that it is all organic. I have realize that Dylan's diet really is all organic all the time. The food I buy her to make is always organic and the Happy Baby & Tasty Baby is organic even her formula is USDA Organic.

I really want her diet to be more organic because she will hopefully have a good head start on life and eating right. She would not have to worry about it in the long run because she had such a good solid base to start. It makes me feel good that all the food I am giving her is organic and natural. I don't know if that is just crazy or me just trying to be a good parent but I feel good about giving her organics.

The Happy Baby and Tasty Baby is more to give my mom while she is watching her. Or the Tasty Baby is easier to transport to her house without having to use plastic bags all the time. It defeats the purpose if you are always using wasteful items to transport the stuff. Beside freezers bag are not all they crack up to be since I do have freezer burn on her food. I hate plastic bags. Does anyone know a better way to store her food without freezer burn? Something to think about while I have my two weeks off.

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