Friday, January 15, 2010

My Memory

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How come every time I go to write a post, I forget what I am going to write? I have about 10 different post going through my head during the day like that would be a good post or I should write about that. When I go to write about it, I forget everything I wanted to say today. Maybe I should attempt to write something, I should just write during the day and then save it. But I don't always have time or I am not home aka work or out & about. Granted I have a better memory then my hubby but that is also my down fall because I always have to remember stuff for him as well. If I write the post earlier in the day, then am I going to remember my train of thought later that night or just delete the post. Also, i can't write a post that I am going to attach the picture to. Anyway, enjoy the picture of Dylan in my new camera.

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