Thursday, January 14, 2010


Oh poor baby, she has been nothing but cranky and messed up. Her lack of schedule has been turned all around. She been taking long naps and the last one has started at 4pm and not waking until almost 6pm. She goes to bed around 8ish or at least the last two nights. Tonight, she went to bed at 7pm. Also, we put her on her tummy. We let her fuss it out then she fell asleep. Anyway, her teething, she will be perfectly happy one minute then so mad two seconds later. It is crazy. Also, she is getting that separation anxiety when I leave the room. That is not helping with the teething at all. All she wants to do is nap. Pretty much an hour after she wakes up from whatever million nap of the day, she is ready to go back to sleep. I really hope that she gets some teeth soon. But I have a feeling that once she gets one tooth, the rest will shortly follow. As I learned with the little peanut, she likes to do things on her own time frame. Oh poor peanut. :(

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